Friday, March 7, 2014

The Notes/Chords

I'm still pretty undecided on the notes I want to use for my song. I have defiently finalized the key of it though: B minor has emerged as the champion. The best thing I have going right now is A minor followed by E minor with a capo on the third fret in a whole note progression, and switching up the E minor with a D on some phrases for flare. I want the song to be more complex than just a voice and guitar. I'm thinking of either adding a piano or saxophone, along with a drumline. I defiently want to keep it more down to earth and not intstrument heavy, because I want people to be concentrating on the lyrics and their meaning.

Given the fact that I have not set in stone any notes, I have no inspirational song link to share this week. In next weeks part 2 hopefully we will see one.

Sorry for the delay guys. Writing songs is hard work.

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