Friday, March 14, 2014

The Notes/Chords Part 2

I have finally created the base line of where the notes on my song are going to rest. I'm going for a very simplistic acoustic feel for "Feel Nothing". Every measure there will be only one chord played at the beginning of each measure. 

To automatically set the notes in the right key, I am going to place a capo (which creates a permanent note change on each string for the song) on the third fret of my guitar). Every line will alternate from a modified (due to the capo) "Am" chord and and "E" chord. On some of the softer parts of the lyrics I will throw in a "D" for some variance and style. For some of the more what I like to call "aggressive" verses, there will be an increased volume at which the chord as played as well as an occasional change in rhythm change.

The whole song flows like a sinusoidal wave; there is a beginning, build up, climax, and a resolution. These elements will be represented by the volume and pattern of the chords played.

A very popular song that follows this flow-like structure is Kiss From A Rose, covered by Seal.

By next week my song will be finalized and I will start recording in preparation for the final version.

I'm really excited to share the final product.

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