Friday, April 18, 2014

The Change

After much soul searching during my absence for the past couple of weeks (including spring break), I have decided to completely change my song. Don't worry, I'm just as far with this new one as the old one.

Here Are the Lyrics:

I'll cut down some logs and
Build you a home
Wash the blood from the walls and
Pull you close

Let's lie down in sand and
Let the tears pour
Wouldn't call me a man but
I'll try to be yours

Oooooh baby
Holding you softly
Aaiii no
I can't let you go

Roller coasters
Apple pie
If you're unhappy
use my shoulder to cry

Thunder storms
Blue goodbyes
Time slows
We'll be fine

Oooooh baby
Holding you softly
Aaiii no
How I love thee so

The notes are simple and rhythmic to keep the emotional factor in play; a simple Fm to C

I'm already in the recording process. Can't wait to finish this baby of mine up!

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